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CARS 24 Hiring in India New Openings

CARS24 is proud to be a tech-first organisation, looking to make inroads into the global auto-tech market in ground breaking ways. We’ve taken a splintered used-vehicle market and turned it into a streamlined tech-driven one, with intuitive discovery mechanisms, collaborations with partners at the micro and macro levels, and constant innovation. The next-gen approach to the pre-owned automobile industry is here at CARS24.

We buy ANY car in 30 minutes. It doesn't matter if it is a rickety Ambassador or a shining new Porsche. It doesn't matter if it is a J&K car or a Tamil Nadu car. It doesn't matter if its an accidental car or car that's not starting. We buy any car. We have a simple solution for the most complex problem that a car owner faces, selling her car, and the solution is deeply rooted in technology.

We are in the stages of killer execution now. At present, we trade a few thousand cars every month, making us the most significant and largest player in the used car industry. Guess, we are the fastest growing young business in India in last 12 months - all of it in stealth!. We are scaling rapidly and we make no losses. If you want to work for a business that has the potential to be one of the largest tech companies to emerge out of India, talk to us. We are looking for talent who are excited about working long term in building a valuable business. We want folks who value building things ground up the most.

On the surface, we are a cutting-edge e-commerce platform, making the purchase and sale of used vehicles as easy as any other online transaction. Delving deeper, we’re a global force in the auto industry, with connections to channel partners, auto dealers, refurbishers, garages, and auto experts in every country that we have presence in.

We started our journey in 2015. A mere 6 years later, here we are - 205 branches across India, presence in 182 Indian cities, channel partners, a new venture with BIKES24, and a new presence in UAE, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and more to come!

We’re advancing exponentially every year, and we’re adamant about having the best team on board as we become artists in innovation. Come along for the drive, it’s going to be a scenic one.

Our Mission:

To revolutionize the way used vehicles are bought and sold across the world.

To remove the age-old roadblocks in this unregulated market, and streamline it into a fine-tuned one thrumming with innovation.

To harness the might of talent on top of their game, co-create what will become a mainstay in the automobile industry.



Motor Vehicle Manufacturing


Gurgaon, haryana




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