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Unacademy Educator Internship Programme Online

Passionate about teaching?Kick-start your journey with Unacademy!

What’s in it for you?

Besides being associated with a national brand and impacting thousands of Learners, Unacademy will offer you a chance to:

Learn from the Best

Learn from India's Top Educators

Earn and Excel

Receive a stipend and incentives

Represent Unacademy

Become the face of a category

Build your Brand

Enhance your online presence

Selection Process

Becoming a Top Educator online is now achievable with the Unacademy Internship Programme. In order to get selected, follow the below steps:


Fill the application form with your contact details and share a link of a 7-10 minute demo video

Demo video

1. Reasons you should be selected (3-4 mins)
2. A 50-100 hour content plan for your subject (4-6 mins)


If shortlisted, a discussion will be scheduled to get to know you better


Selected applicants will be intimated about the next steps

Standard Terms

The following terms will apply:

Fixed 2-month internship

Performance-based extension

Fixed stipend

Standard Educator Incentives

Have questions about the Unacademy Internship Programme?

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Will I become an Unacademy Educator after joining the programme? 

Top performers may be offered a six to twelve month long Educator Contract.

How many Special Classes do I have to conduct during the programme?

You will be required to conduct 50 Special Classes per month.

How will I get paid?

Payment will be made as per the Bank details provided by you. The stipend and applicable incentives will be paid at the end of each month.

Will Unacademy provide any recording equipment for the programme?

We would be providing you with Unacademy branded T-shirt. For recording equipment, it will be assessed on a case-to-case basis. However, you must have a laptop with a webcam and a good internet connection (minimum bandwidth of 20 Mbps).

Will my classes be promoted / marketed by Unacademy?

Unacademy does not promote any Educator specific Special Class or bear any expenses for the same.

What documentation / ID proof am I required to submit for my onboarding?

PAN Card and any one Government Issued ID (Aadhar, Passport, Driving License, Voters ID Card) is mandatory to onboard you as an Educator Intern.

Will there be any referral policy for referring other Educators?

Yes, you would be eligible for a referral incentive for every successful Educator Intern through your network. Please request your reference to mention your Name / Code in the form above.

Can I teach similar content already available on my own YouTube channel?

Yes, there is no restriction on the content, as long as it is educational in nature. However, you cannot teach the same content that you are teaching on Unacademy Special Classes.

Who will own the content I stream Live in the Special Classes?

You will own the copyright for all content in the Special Classes you host. You will be giving Unacademy an exclusive license to use the content for the term prescribed in your contract, so that Unacademy can host the Special Classes on the Unacademy Platform. All content you use for the Special Classes should be your own original work and any plagiarized content will be heavily penalized and liable to legal action.

During the programme, can I create my own groups (Telegram or WhatsApp) with Learners?

Please limit your communication with Learners only through official Unacademy channels such as ‘Community’. Asking Learners for their contact details is strictly prohibited and trying to contact Learners outside of official communication channels may lead to immediate termination from the programme.

Can I ask for an extension?

Extensions of the Internship, or a Plus Contract may be offered post completion of the Internship period solely based on your performance.

What content am I supposed to teach during my programme?

You should adhere to the Content Plan (100 hours) which was shared by you in the demo video. However, the Content plan may change based on input from Unacademy. Please limit non-academic content (strategy / motivation sessions) to maximum of 5% of the total Special Classes taught by you.

Will Unacademy help me get more Learners during my classes?

Unacademy does not promote any Educator specific Special Class or bear any expenses for the same

Will I be conducting Live or Recorded Classes on the Unacademy Platform?

You will be conducting Live Classes on the Unacademy Platform. Recording of the same would be available on the Platform post Class completion.

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